About the BGA

The British Geophysical Association is a Joint Association of the Geological Society of London and the Royal Astronomical Society. Its aims are to promote the subject of geophysics, and to strengthen the relationship between geophysics and the other natural sciences in…

Supporting UK Passive Seismology

Following recent BGA sponsored meetings, the UK passive seismology community have produced a report detailing a vision for the future of broadband passive seismology. This aims to start a discussion on the infrastructure needed in the UK to support this….

About the committee

Greetings from the committee! The aim of the BGA is to promote the subject of geophysics, and particularly to strengthen the relationship between geology and geophysics in the UK. We support scientific meetings and courses, encourage the publication of results and research and…


Display your profile on the BGA website!

The BGA invites you to submit your research/professional profile to be displayed on the BGA website. See https://geophysics.org.uk/what-is-geophysics/geophysics-profiles/ for details

Online Bullerwell Lecture

Rebecca Bell will deliver the online 2020 Bullerwell Lecture, hosted by the British Geophysical Association at 14:00 on Thursday 3 September 2020. For more details and to register your interest in attending the lecture, please go to https://geophysics.org.uk/bullerwell-2020-abstract/

Applications for Gray-Milne Travel Bursary Open

The BGA invites applications for a travel bursary supported by the Gray-Milne Fund. See the Awards page for more details.