Postgraduate Prizes

Post-Graduate Research In Progress (PGRIP) Meeting, 2019, University of Bristol.

Congratulations to our presentation winners:

  • Best talk: Siobhan Killingbeck (Leeds)
  • Best talk runner up: Joseph Asplet (Bristol)
  • Best Poster: Benedict Conway-Jones (Cambridge)
  • Best poster runner-up: Ana Patricia Santana (Cambridge)

Post-Graduate Research In Progress (PGRIP) Meeting, 2018, University of Cardiff.

Congratulations to our presentation winners:

  • Talk Winner: Tom Hudson, University of Cambridge, “Using earthquakes to study basal sliding of glaciers”
  • Talk Runner Up: Robert Allen, Imperial College London, “A new marine magnetic anomaly chart for the Caribbean: Implications for the tectonics of the Antilles island arc-subduction system”
  • Poster Winner: Chantelle Roelofse, Cardiff University, “Structural controls on pockmarks fields in the northern Gulf of Mexico: a case study for hydrocarbon exploration in salt basins”
  • Post Runner Up: Anna Williams, University of Bristol, “Challenges in locating microseismicty using Distributed Acoustic Sensors”


Post-Graduate Research In Progress (PGRIP) Meeting, 2017, University of Aberdeen.

Congratulations to our presentation winners:

  • Talk winner: Oliver Sanford, Durham University, “Modelling seismic wave
    propagation and scattering within extrusive basalt sequences”
  • Talk runner-up: Alastair Boyce, Imperial College, London, “Insights into the
    tectonics of the Eastern North American Sheild at the macro-scale: a
    new absolute P-wave tomographic model for North America”
  • Poster winner: Guy Paxman, Durham University, “Lithospheric flexure in East
    Antarctica: the Origin and Evolution of the Transantarctic Mountains
    and Wilkes Subglacial basin”
  • Poster runner-up: Daniel Possee, University of Southampton, “Seismicity and
    local earthquake tomography from Haiti”


Joint Assembly (BGA-VMSG-TSG) Meeting, 2017, University of Liverpool.

Congratulations to the BGA-affiliated winners:

  • Early Career Prize: Robert Green – Cambridge, “Seismic velocity structure of volcanic rift zones in Iceland”
  • Overall Talk winner: Carl McDermott – Imperial, “Using SDRs to identify the mode of breakup along South America’s magma-rich margin”
  • BGA Talk winner: Jennifer Jenkins – Cambridge, “Searching for structure in the mid-mantle: Observations of converted phases beneath Iceland and Europe”
  • BGA Talk runner-up: Tom Hudson – Cambridge, “Exploring deep melt migration before and after an Icelandic eruption”
  • BGA Poster winner: Finn Illsley-Kemp – Southampton, “Formation of an oceanic transform fault during continental rifting”


Post-Graduate Research In Progress (PGRIP) Meeting, 2016, University College, London.

Congratulations to our presentation winners:

  • Talk winner: Adam Robinson – Durham, “Construction and Subduction of the Louisville Ridge Seamount Chain – Insights from Wide-Angle Seismic Imaging”
  • Talk runner-up:  Rebecca Coats – Liverpool, “Lava dome eruptions: testing the strain rate dependence of porous lava rheology”
  • Poster winner: Jennifer Jenkins – Cambridge, “Converted phases from sharp mid-mantle heterogeneity beneath Western Europe”
  • Poster runner-up:  Aude Lavayssiere – University of Southampton, “Imaging lithospheric discontinuities using S to P receiver functions”


Post-Graduate Research In Progress (PGRIP) Meeting, 2015, University of Southampton.

Many thanks to commercial sponsors: Shell  Shell_logo.svg

Congratulations to our presentation winners:

  • Talk winner: Robert Green, University of Cambridge, “Triggered earthquakes suppressed by an evolving stress shadow from a propagating dyke: Bárðarbunga Volcano, Iceland

For more information about Robert’s research, click here.

  • Runner-up: Bedanta Goswami, University of Southampton, “Resistivity image beneath an area of active methane seeps in the continental slope of West Svalbard margin

For more information about Bedanta’s research, click here.

  • Poster winner: Simon Stephenson, University of Cambridge, “A Cenezoic record of uplift, erosion and dynamic support: examples from Madagascar

For more information about Simon’s research, click here.

  • Runner-up: Melanie Siegburg, NOC, University of Southampton, “Tecono-magmatic interaction at the Boset Volcanic Complex in the main Ethiopian Rift

For more information about Melanie’s research, click here.


Post-Graduate Research In Progress (PGRIP) Meeting, 2014, University of Liverpool.

Many thanks to commercial sponsors: Badleys, BP and CGG

Presentation Winners:

Talk winner: Tim Hughes, University of Southampton, “Environmental controls on thermal performance of submarine high-voltage cables

Runner-up: Laura Petrescu, Imperial College London, “Probabilistic inversion and H-k stacking of receiver functions

Poster winner: Laura Parisi, University of East Anglia, “Waveform modelling of high-frequency body waves of 3-D earth structure

Runner-up: Michael Allen, University of Liverpool, “Laboratory permeability and seismic velocity anisotropy measurements across the Alpine Fault, New Zealand

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