Undergraduate Prizes

The BGA prize for achievement in the study of geophysics by an undergraduate student

Each year the BGA awards prizes to undergraduate students engaged in the study of geophysics at UK Higher Education establishments. The recipients are nominated by their host institutions, and can be selected on any basis. Typically the award is for the student gaining the highest mark in a Geophysics project or similar, but need not be in their final year of study. If your organisation is not in the list below and you would like to be included, please contact the Competitions Officer.


The 2019 prize winners were:

Cambridge – Charlotte Caplan

Keele – Heather Birtles

Liverpool – Tom Lea and Jack Bestard

Leicester – Tshepiso Judge

Bristol – Cindy Lim Shin Yee

Durham – Veda Ong

Plymouth – Maksymilian Radkiewicz

Leeds – Matthew Day

Imperial – Davor Dundovic

University of East Anglia –  Danica Davis

The 2018 prize winners were:

Cambridge – Katherine Dodds

UCL – Alice Turner

Leeds – Bethany Shenton

UEA – Nicola Taylor

Southampton – Daniel Ellis

Imperial – Mattia Coltri

Plymouth – Andrew Hammett

Durham – Rory Johnston

Liverpool – Ben Handford

Oxford – Alexander Doran

Leicester – Alex Rutson


The 2017 prize winners were:

Cambridge – Matt Lees

UCL – Will Davis

Leeds – Alexander Sanders

UEA – Melanie Edwards

Southampton – Matthew Head

Imperial – Rita Kounoudis

Plymouth – Thomas Gibson

Durham – Joshua Folds

Liverpool – Matthew Mason

Oxford – Lawrence Green

Leicester –  Andrei Radu


The 2016 prize winners were:

Cambridge – Tom Hare

UCL – Kang Wei Lim

Leeds – Christopher Moore

UEA – Cherry Jones

Southampton – Eric Joyce

Imperial – George Strong

Plymouth – Catherine Woolford

Durham – William Thorogood

Liverpool – Jack Woollam/Sophie Coulson

Keele – Julia Bond

Oxford – Lucy Roberts

Leicester –  Sam Williams


The 2015 prize winners were:

Cambridge University – Clare Donaldson

Durham University – George French

Imperial College London – Catherine Spurin

Keele University – Gethin Evans

Leeds University – Elliot Jiwani-Brown

Leicester University – Oluwatobi Adegbemi and Majid Al-Siyab

Liverpool University – James Holt

Oxford University – Chantelle Roelofse

Plymouth University – Jason Wears

Southampton University – Katharine Milford

UEA – Andrew Keel

University College London –  Kiran Chotalia


The 2014 prize winners were:

Durham University – Thomas Reilly

Imperial College London – Matthew Wetton

Keele University – Victoria Elliott

Leeds University – Kathryn Gunn

Leicester University – Sultan Al-Busaidi

Liverpool University – Yousef Al Sharhan

Plymouth University – Jordan Geear

Southampton University – Suzanne Mills


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