Covid-19 Support Fund

The Committee of the British Geophysical Association recognises that events over the past 12+ months have impacted our research work, particularly that of our postgraduate researcher community, and those from less privileged backgrounds

Therefore, the BGA is inviting applications for funding to help support those UK student geophysicists whose work or capacity to work has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since we cannot prejudge the diverse range of impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on individuals in this unprecedented situation, we are keeping the eligibility criteria for this call reasonably broad. In general, we are also interested to listen more about the impact the pandemic is having on students, and whether long-term remote/home working is sustainable for geophysics researchers as we look ahead to the post-pandemic world.

Applicants will be chosen by we, the BGA Committee, for whom we felt the funds requested would make the biggest difference to their circumstances.

Examples of reasons to apply for funds include, but are not limited to:

  • Improving your home office set-up (e.g. office chair, extra monitor for data processing/visualisation) to better facilitate safe and efficient working. A maximum of £250 can be applied for such equipment.
  • Paying for appropriate commercial data or software to support your research, for example: if your original research objectives involved data collection that you have not been able to complete due to travel restrictions. Likewise, applications for funds to cover software license purchases are encouraged,  if a change in research objectives has required the use of new software that has not been provided by your university.
  • Paying for textbooks or online access/membership to journals/e-books that are useful to your research and which you are not currently able to obtain from your university library due to home working.
  • Support for those with caring responsibilities to help them achieve a better balance between their research and their personal responsibilities. For the purposes of this fund, ‘Caring’ can mean childcare, care of elderly, or any other family member or dependants requiring help.
  • Visa (extension) costs due to programme extensions.
  • Loss of financial support from your external project funder/sponsor or your family.
  • Costs due to rearranged travel for research or personal reasons.
  • Paying for improved internet access.

You may of course be experiencing other financial pressures not included above.

Application form

The electronic application can be accessed through

Please note that a Google Account is required to complete the form.

At the end of the application, there is the opportunity to complete a voluntary Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion questionnaire.

Funding available

A maximum of £1000 can be applied for per applicant.

Closing date: Midnight (BST) on Friday 21 May 2021.

Eligibility and requirements

  • Must spend the money prior to thesis submission deadline.
  • Must already be enrolled on a postgraduate research course at a UK university.
  • Receipts of expenditure must be supplied to the BGA where the request is for specific items or services.
  • We welcome applications from students regardless of funding status. You could be funded by research councils, by specific projects (for example, industry-funded projects), or those who are self-funded.
  • The application must include a signed letter of support from your supervisor / advisor / tutor at your institution.

Other notes

  • Within 6 months of award, successful applications will be required to provide a short report on their work and how the funds have helped.
  • Note that the application process is completely confidential and applications will only be seen by members of the BGA Committee (
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