Code of Conduct

As a Joint Association of the Geological Society of London and the Royal Astronomical Society, the British Geophysical Association expects its members (who must be members of one or  both of these parent societies) to adhere to the policies of the parent societies, specifically those on professional conduct and on diversity and inclusion.  These can be found at: 

Geological Society:

Royal Astronomical Society:

We at the BGA stand with Black people and all others worldwide who face exclusion and overt or covert racism. It is well recognised that geoscience has an issue in this regard (see a recent article here) and we seek to work with our parent societies and the community to change this. Statements by the Royal Astronomical Society and Geological Societies on these issues can be found here:

Geological Society

Royal Astronomical Society

While we seek ways to do this, please do contact us to educate, inform and make suggestions on how we can provide support to action change. You can do this by leaving comments below or via email to the committee member.

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