Committee Roles


The BGA President has overall responsibility for ensuring that the BGA operates according to its constitution, and carries out its mission of promoting the subject of geophysics as effectively and inclusively as possible.  The President serves as the face of the BGA to the public.

The main duties of the BGA President are:

  • Chairing BGA committee meetings and annual general meetings
  • Organising the election of the Bullerwell Lecturer
  • Attending the annual Postgraduate Research in Progress (PGRiP) meeting
  • Supporting other Committee members in their roles as needed, and contributing to the various discussions and tasks that arise in relation to the ongoing work of the Committee
  • Attending parent body meetings as the representative of the BGA where required
  • Where possible, putting themselves forward for election to council at the RAS or GSL when a relevant position becomes vacant


The BGA Secretary acts as the first point of contact for the BGA, answering enquiries, and is the record-keeper for the Association.

The main duties of the BGA Secretary are:

  • Organise and take the minutes of BGA committee meetings and annual general meetings
  • Response to queries about the BGA
  • Manage the BGA’s mailing lists (especially
  • Act as the BGA’s data protection officer
  • Be a signatory to the BGA’s bank account
  • Liaise with the parent societies (Geological Society and Royal Astronomical Society) regarding the BGA’s organisation, and the parent societies’ relationship with the BGA


The BGA Treasurer coordinates the budget and spending of the BGA as directed by the BGA committee.

The main duties of the BGA Treasurer are:

  • Manage the BGA bank account
  • Draw up annual budgets to be submitted to our parent societies (GSL, RAS) and the Gray-Milne Trust.
  • Provide annual account summaries for reporting at the AGM and for our parent societies (GSL, RAS) and the Gray-Milne Trust.
  • Act as the contact person for all payments such as prizes, meeting expenses etc.
  • Ensure the financial stability of the BGA, such as having a suitable reserve in the accounts.

Awards Officer

The BGA Awards Officer works to ensure that deserving members of the geophysics community are recognised for their services by the award of medals, prizes or honours given by appropriate bodies, and to publicise these awards to encourage others.

The main duties of the BGA Awards Officer are:

  • Announce award nomination procedures and deadlines to the community
  • Support others in nominating individuals
  • Encourage others to nominate individuals
  • Nominate geophysicists on behalf of the BGA when appropriate
  • Scrutinise the awarding criteria of awards and, if deemed appropriate, liaise with awarding bodies to ensure criteria are fair and appropriate.  (An example is if a body sets a hard age limit on an award for an early-career scientist.)

EDI Officer

The BGA committee is establishing a new position of ED&I officer, who will be an integral part of the committee, and have responsibilities in the following areas:

  • To support and represent the interests of under-represented groups in the BGA.
  • To ensure that diversity issues are considered within the operations and working practices of the BGA and that best practise is implemented and promulgated. The latter will occur at meetings/events run by the BGA (e.g. PGRiP and NAG), and those that the BGA sponsors.
  • To advise the BGA committee on the formulation and implementation of strategies to assist in widening access to geophysics by under-represented groups
  • To monitor and assist in issues of retention and career progression in geophysics with the aim that all scientists should have equal career opportunities.
  • To improve the diversity of the membership to better reflect the community as well as wider society.
  • To liaise with groups affiliated with BGA’s parent societies, such as the Near Surface Geophysics Group, Tectonics study group etc. to ensure that new ideas and best practices in ED&I are shared more broadly.

Meetings Officer

The BGA Meetings Officer’s role is to promote, encourage, publicise and support the organisation of meetings of interest to geophysicists.

The main duties of the BGA Meetings Officer are:

  • Ensure that the BGA’s New Advances in Geophysics (NAG) meeting happens annually, by identifying and supporting individuals or groups outside of the BGA committee who wish to run the meeting
  • Likewise ensure that the annual Postgraduate Research in Progress (PGRiP) meeting happens annually
  • Support the election of the Bullerwell Lecturer annually, and ensure they are able to give the Bullerwell Lecture at least once that year
  • Generally promote and support the running of meetings of interest to the UK geophysics community
  • Liaise with the parent societies (Geological Society and Royal Astronomical Society) and other bodies to promote and support geophysics meetings
  • Assist the website and social media officers of the BGA committee in advertising meetings widely

Web Officer

The BGA’s Web Officer is responsible for the BGA’s website.

The main duties of the BGA Web Officer are:

  • Maintain and update the BGA website
  • Work with the BGA committee and others to keep the website up to date and update material as necessary

School Liason and Outreach Officer

Role coming soon.

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