The Constitution

BGA constitution

(approved at February 2013 AGM)

pdf version

ARTICLE 1 – Title

The title of this association shall be the British Geological Joint Geophysical Society and Royal Astronomical Society Association: to be known as the British Geophysical Association. The association shall function as a committee of the Royal Astronomical Society.

ARTICLE 2 – Aims of the Association

The aims of the BGA shall be to promote the subject of geophysics, and particularly to strengthen the relationship between geology and geophysics in the UK, by holding meetings and courses, by encouraging the publication of results and research and by other means are deemed appropriate to an Association by the parent societies.

ARTICLE 3 – Membership

Membership shall be open to those Fellows of either Society who note, to the respective Membership Secretary, an interest in Geophysics. Such persons shall be considered automatically to be members of the BGA. No further subscription is payable.

ARTICLE 4 – Organization and Management

(1) The BGA shall be managed by a committee consisting of up to fourteen members.

(2) There shall be up to eight directly elected members including: a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Schools Liaison and Outreach Officer, and Meetings Officer. These persons shall normally be Fellows of a parent society.

(3) The committee shall include one member (normally a Council member) appointed by each of the parent societies to provide a channel of communication between the parent society and the BGA.

(4) A postgraduate representative, an outreach representative, an Industry representative and up to one further member may be co-opted as required; these persons need not  be Fellows of either society.

(5) Co-opted members shall be full members of the committee, except that they shall not be entitled to vote on the appointment of other co-opted members.

ARTICLE 5 – The committee

(1) Election of the committee shall be by ballot of members at the AGM. The names of posts about to become vacant will normally be posted on the BGA website prior to the AGM.

(2) Elected members of the committee shall serve for a period of three years, and are eligible to stand again for the same post for a second term. Elections to each post shall be held when necessary due to the expiry of terms. All members of the BGA are eligible for election and to vote.

(3) Appointed and co-opted members shall serve for a period, not exceeding three years, to be determined by Councils of the parent societies and the BGA committee respectively. Appointed and co-opted members may be asked to serve for more than one term.

ARTICLE 6 – Finance

The Treasurer shall be responsible to the BGA committee for the financial affairs of the BGA. The secretarial expenses and travelling expenses of members attending committee meetings or on other BGA business shall be met by the societies equally, or as they shall agree between themselves.

ARTICLE 7 – The Gray-Milne Fund (aka the British Association Seismological Trust, registered charity 271493)

The Gray-Milne Fund is a trust established by Thomas Gray and John Milne to “encourage the study of Earth Physics and its attendant subjects”. It is a separate entity from the BGA, and is administered by trustees (comprising senior UK geophysicists) who authorise financial support for specific BGA activities in response to requests from the treasurer of the BGA.

ARTICLE 8 – Changes to the constitution

(1) Changes to this constitution may be proposed by the committee, or by submission to the Secretary of a proposal signed by twenty members of the BGA. Proposed changes will normally be brought to BGA members’ attention prior to the next AGm.

(2) Changes will be adopted only if approved by majority vote of members at the AGM.

BGA Secretary
February 2013

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