Iain Stewart – Anatomy of an Earthquake

NERC has teamed up with BBC presenter Professor Iain Stewart and Shadow Industries, a Bristol-based production company, to create a new short film called ‘Anatomy of an Earthquake’.

The film uses graphics to provide an introduction to the physical causes of earthquakes, and what happens when a seismic hazard deep beneath the Earth’s surface meets a vulnerable city above. It also asks how we can prepare our mega-cities for a direct seismic strike, as people around the world flock to urban centres.

“Earthquakes are one of the planet’s most lethal natural forces”

The film was created with the GCSE and A’ Level curricula in mind, and is intended as a new resource to introduce students to the topic.

It was created in partnership with NERC’s British Geological Survey and Earthquakes without Frontiers, a programme jointly funded by NERC and the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC) to improve understanding of the physical and social factors that cause vulnerability to earthquakes on continental interiors.

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